Payment terms:

Terms on booking order:


Option #1          3.5% May 15th if the total amount of the statement is paid.


Option #2          2.5% May 15th if 75% of the amount of the statement is paid,

*The balance of the amount owing can be paid net in 2 equal payments, June 15th and July 15th (with post-dated cheques).


Option #3          2% May 15th if 50% of the amount on the statement is paid.

*The balance of the amount owing can be paid net in 2 equal payments on June 15th and July 15th (with post-dated cheques).


Option #4         4 equal payments without discount (1/4 May 15th, 1/4 June 15th, 1/4 July 15th & 1/4 August 15th


*All booking orders PLUS all invoices received between February 1st and April 30th will be considered booking orders and have the according terms.


Terms on repeat orders (all statements except for the April statement):


  • 2% the 15th of the following month
  • Net the last day of the following month


Fall terms (Acushnet, Cobra, Callaway, Ping, Cleveland/Srixon and TaylorMade):


If you have negotiated falls terms for some products (demos, fitting tools, rentals…), the payment terms will be the following:

      • 2% if paid by September 15th
      • Net if paid between September 16th and Octobr 15th



  • Net December 15th (invoiced August 1st but will be left on account until December 15th)

If paid after December 15th, the full amount will be subject to the BPG late payment interest.


Payment by credit card:


  • If a payment is done by credit card, a 2% administration fee will be charged to your account to cover the credit card fees. If the payment has a 2% payment discount allocated, then the credit card payment will be made NET. If the payment has a 3.5% payment discount allocated, then the credit card payment will be made with a 1.5% discount, and so on…


Interest charges:


  • Interest charges of 1.5% monthly (18% annual) will be added to all outstanding balances past the 30th of the following month.


Reimbursements of credit accounts:


BPG will reimburse shareholders and members credit balances on the following schedule:


  • December 15th (balance of statement dated November 30th)
  • February 15th (balance of statement dated January 31st)


Accounts on credit hold:


  • Any account that has an outstanding amount owing for 60+ days from the last statement will be put on credit hold. Therefore all orders, from all vendors will be put on hold, no matter the amount. Example: If you are carrying outstanding invoices from your February statement past April 30th, your account will be on credit hold.
  • The member on hold must fulfill the same obligations towards BPG and may NOT solicit or contact BPG vendors to purchase directly. In this case, the member could see his membership revoqued automatically.


Unpaid invoices on account:


  • You must notify the BPG office of an incoming credit due to a double shipment, a product not ordered no later than the 5th of the following month…in these cases, BPG will not charge any interest to that outstanding amount. It is important for us to be notified so we can hold back the monthly payment. If not notified, you will be charged interest.
  • If you have a guaranteed sale agreement with a vendor, you must pay for your invoices and credits will be issued when the product is returned. BPG cannot support any consignment agreements.



To obtain your username and password, or for any question, please contact Dominik Boucher at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 450-465-0757.


Thank you